About Us

Over the past several years we have seen the need to 1) file lawsuits to protect Oklahoma business interests throughout the state, and 2) file amicus briefs in appeals to the Oklahoma and U.S. Supreme Courts as a result of very damaging lawsuits.  With the passage of new tort reform laws, along with workers’ compensation reforms and continuing employment law issues, we expect to be asked to file other amicus briefs in the near future.  We have also seen a need for a system of judicial evaluation develop across the country and anticipate the need for such an evaluation program in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Civil Justice Council formed by leading Oklahoma business organizations to counter the plaintiffs’ bar’s attempts to make it easier to sue businesses and thus restrict job growth and economic development in our state.

Over the past several years, Oklahoma has enacted landmark legal reforms relating to product liability, expert opinion testimony, medical liability, risk contribution and caps on non-economic damages, among other reforms. We have also seen a complete re-write of our workers’ compensation laws.  More than any legislative initiative to date, these reforms sent the message to businesses and opinion leaders throughout our state and nation, that Oklahoma is ready for business.

The Oklahoma Civil Justice Council is a 501(c)(4) foundation which will be able to (1) direct and fund legal challenges to rules, regulations and laws which are found to be detrimental to the economic growth of the state; and, (2) to develop a system of judicial evaluation.  We urge you to participate by educating yourself on Oklahoma’s judges.